This game is currently discontinued.

Edit (6/25/13):  This game now has an RMN page, check it out here!

Edit (1/2/13):  Version 0.03 is out now!  Check the "Downloads" section for more information.

Broken Bottles is a Yume Nikki fangame created with Rpgmaker 2k3.  It holds the same main idea as Yume Nikki; you explore a girl's subconscious by falling into an induced sleep, and you find what troubles lie in her mind.  Though recently, more dialogue has been added to the game to make the plot/backstory a little bit clearer.

In this game, you start out in the main protagonist's room.  Once you have fallen into an induced sleep, you can choose from many doors in a corridor to start exploring her subconscious.  The effects change what the character looks like and sometimes her abilities.  If you equip the same effect twice, you will return to your normal self.  Just wander around and enjoy.

A picture of  'Face World' in-game (now with new sprite).

You may contact me at

You may also contact me at my Tumblr or my Twitter accounts.

I go by the alias 'Doodle' and I am 16 years old.  This is my first game, I hope to become an artist or something of the sort.  I'm making this game for fun.

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